Alpaca babies

tn_315A baby alpaca is known as a Cria. Generally born in the morning Crias are very quickly on their feet and feeding from their Mum within 2 or 3 hours of birth. They will usually weigh 7 or 8 kilos when born.

They are very cute on their long spindly legs and very rarely need help from humans. Alpaca Mothers  are caring and protective of their offspring, they resent too much interference. They come from a very ancient species and are very competent Mothers. The "Aunties" in the same herd encourage the process of birth and watchover the new baby while the mother is expelling the placenta.

By their second day Crias are up playing with the other Crias in the paddock and particularly in the late afternoon can be seen running and frolicking in the grass with the other babies.

Crias that are born in the wet winter months are given a “cria coat,” to keep them dry and warm for their first couple of nights.

Crias stay with their Mothers for about 6 months by which time they have usually naturally weaned and are able to live independently. We put together our young alpacas of 6 to 12 months in a small herd. Farms who have only a few alpaca usually put the weanlings with a herd of females who are not their Mothers. This is a very good time to halter train as a recently weaned cria is very friendly, trusting and easily handled.

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