Alpaca Investment

tn_475767_10879407Alpacas offer a strong return on investment, whilst providing the owner with so much joy and satisfaction. Alpacas are in great demand around the world, and the demand has never been greater. That's why the alpaca is the world's finest livestock investment!

Alpacas are in strong demand in many countries.

Alpacas are scarce and unique.

Alpacas are part of a trend to invest in exotic animal breeds.

Alpacas are easy to keep and easy care animals.

Alpacas are cute and very lovable animals.

Alpacas are great animals for lifestyle blocks (5 to 6 on a acre).

Alpacas are lovely pets, friendly and adorable.

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Alpaca babies

A baby alpaca is known as a Cria. Generally born in the morning Crias are very quickly on their feet and feeding from their Mum wi..

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Alpaca care

Other than shearing and the usual de-worming and vaccinations, alpacas require very little else..

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