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2003_National_Show_awardsWe have top quality Stud Male Alpacas who are available for mating either at our facility or your farm (mobile mating).

Procedure of mobile mating:

1st visit mating.
2nd visit mating or spit off  two weeks after first mating.
3rd visit mating or spit off  two weeks after second mating
Further visits can be undertaken if no spit off has occurred, or a blood test/s can done at 6 weeks after the last mating to check pregnancy.

For females brought on farm for mating no agistment fees are asked. Females stay until they are tested positive, at the shortest time this can be 6 weeks.
Pregnancy testing to be undertaken by the customer.
When a female is not pregnant after the 3rd mating there may be a problem with this female and a vet may need to be consulted.

Before mating the following issues may be considered:

- low blood copper level in March after zinc supplements during facial eczema period

- low blood selenium level prevents conception

- maidens may take longer

- young maiden females can be too small, low body weight, preventing conception

- females with a body score under 2 due to poor health can have a problem conceiving as well as aborting

- history of conception of a female can indicate possible problems.

Pregnancy tests: Outside services for off-farm and on-farm should be the responsibility of, and paid by, the customer. View Males Standing for Stud
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